About Me

Danny resides in Pennsylvania with his wife Christie and two sons, in the heart of farm country. Danny is a self-taught artist who enjoys working with a wide variety of mediums but his favorite is Pumpkin carving. After watching a Food Network episode called Outrageous Pumpkins, he decided to try his hand at pumpkin carving. Little did he know it would spark a flame that would turn into a passion. He set a goal of becoming a contestant on Food Network Halloween Wars. Danny returned to Food Network (s) Halloween Wars: Hayride of Horror in 2017 where him and his teammates were crowned Champions on the premiere season!  Through years of practice, his pumpkin skills has lead him all over the nation showcasing what can be accomplished with pumpkin.

When hes not carving pumpkins (or dreaming about them), he spends his time chainsaw carving tree stumps into amazing works of art. He was first introduced into the world of chainsaw carving after a family trip to the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, where there is a host of great chainsaw artists. When he arrived home he purchased a chainsaw and created a bear that would later become a Christmas gift for his parents. After that first bear he now spends most of his time with a chainsaw in his hands. When the dropping temperatures drive most people inside he also carves ice with the chainsaw. The skills he picked up carving wood transferred very nicely to ice carving. Whether hes covered in sawdust or snow he is extremely happy with the roar of a chainsaw and music blasting through his headphones. 

His background includes carpentry, graphite portraits and over 15 years of professional airbrushing.

Without the support of his wife, sons, parents, family and friends none of this would have been possible.

Carpe the Diem....Seize the Carp. -Danny Kissel