These are the same tools I've been using for 5+ years. They are shaped by hand and each one is custom so shapes/sizes are approximate. The grids the tools are laying on, are 1/2" scale to give you an idea of sizes. Plastic handles will be either Blue or Red (depends on availability when I order supplies) but will be a matching set. Aluminum handles are 6" in length. 


 Most tools are "raked" on one side. (like a saw tooth to help with smooth sculpting) 


Once your order is placed I will start making your tools, so it will be 1-2 weeks before your items ship.


**Free shipping on all orders shipped to the Continental US**

 **** International orders, please contact me before purchase so I can get you a quote for shipping before ordering ****

  Complete Set of Large Tools - Discounted Price  $250

Complete Set of Midsized Tools - Discounted Price  $200

Set of 3 Ice Cream Scoops for Creating Eyes   $60

Pointer, 2" Long 1/2" Wide (50mm Long 15mm Wide)   $38

Square 1 1/4" (35mm)   $38

XLarge Triangle 1 1/2" (40mm)   $38

Triangle 1-1/4" (30mm)   $38

Circle 1-1/4" (30mm)   $38

Raking Option for the Arrow


Raking Option for the Wing


Saw Blade for Smoothing Rounded Surfaces $38

**Use to finish sculpture with very light pressure to keep from bending/breaking**

Raking Option for Small Arrow


Raked on Both Sides - One side is FINE tooth, other is COARSE tooth   $38

Sm Loop   $38

Sm Triangle   $38

Lg Triangle   $38

3D Printed Multi Positional Light Holder, ***Light NOT included   $15